Jackpot Sign with LCD 42" and 19" LCD topper

Jackpot sign with 42" LCD panel and 19"ultrawide LCD topper

Jackpot Signs are visually attractive, with appealing design for continuously catching player’s attention.  Depending on the individual requirements of the interior design, we can produce custom-made jackpot signs according to the specific size requirements of the premises where they will be installed.

Different innovative technologies are used for the production of these cutting edge jackpot displays. An integrated LCD 42"proffesional display for video presentation of jackpot or promoting new games at sight.

The jackpot sign 42"offers 2 sidepanels- LED illuminated,  with different light effects available - flashing, changing color light etc.

Neon edges with white / RGB light makes the Jackpot Sign even more attractive and noticeable.

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